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Regular fat dairy foods & health symposium, Berlin


Regular fat dairy foods & health symposium, Berlin

On the 21st October, the European Milk Forum, which includes the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland, together with other dairy organizations hosted a satellite symposium at the FENS Congress in Berlin.

The symposium explored the relationship between regular fat dairy foods, nutrition and health.

Almost 200 delegates at the Federation of European Nutrition Societies conference heard that the health effects of regular fat dairy foods such as cheese do not just depend on their fat content but on the other nutrients they contain too such as calcium and protein. The so–called ‘food matrix’ effects makes it important to consider the effect of the complete food on health rather than what might be predicted from the individuals nutrients a food contains.

The speakers and topics at the symposium were:

Prof Philippe Legrand, Agrocampus INRA, Rennes, France
Nutritional interest of saturated fatty acid – the specific case of dairy fat

Prof Benoît Lamarche, Laval University, Québec, Canada
Saturated fat and cardiovascular risk

Dr Ulrika Ericson, Lund University, Sweden
Regular fat dairy products and diabetes type 2: the role of dietary fats and their food sources

Prof Arne Astrup, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Cheese and metabolic diseases

Nutrition and health professionals can read more about the symposium and see the presentations here.

Find out more about the nutrients in dairy foods here.

*The satellite symposium was organized jointly by the European Milk Forum, Centre National Interprofessionnel de l’Econonomie Laitière (France), Dutch Dairy Organisation, The Dairy Council (GB), Dairy Farmers of Canada, Dairy Australia, National Dairy Council (USA), Global Dairy Platform and the International Dairy Federation.

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