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Dairy Council celebrates 25th Annual Nutrition Lecture at Ulster University


Dairy Council celebrates 25th Annual Nutrition Lecture at Ulster University

The Dairy Council for Northern Ireland has welcomed international and local nutrition experts to Ulster University to discuss some of the latest research findings on “Healthy Ageing.”

The event, which marked the 25th anniversary of the annual Dairy Council Nutrition Lecture, once again provided the opportunity for leading edge research to be shared with local health professionals, researchers and nutrition students. 

Speaking at the Riverside Theatre on the University’s Coleraine Campus, the speakers at the special Anniversary Symposium included Professor Kevin Cashman, University College Cork, Professor Joshua Miller, Rutgers State University of New Jersey and Professor Helene McNulty, Ulster University.

Commenting on the 25th Anniversary Symposium , Dr Mike Johnston, Chief Executive of the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland said:

“This Symposium  is important, not only in terms of the topic area of “Healthy Ageing,” but also because it marks a long and beneficial relationship between the Northern Ireland dairy industry and Ulster University. 

 “To have within Northern Ireland a world class centre of nutrition research is a major benefit for our agri–food sector and over the years it has been with great pride that we have seen the many achievements of Ulster University.  The future for our agri–food sector is positive, and I hope that the relationship, which the dairy industry has developed with Ulster University, will continue to grow and deliver for our mutual benefit.”

Supporting Dr Johnston’s comments, Professor Sean Strain OBE, Director of the Northern Ireland Centre for Food and Health (NICHE) and Professor of Human Nutrition at Ulster University, said:

“We are grateful to the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland for the support they have given us over many years.  Within NICHE at Ulster University we have established a Centre of Excellence in Nutrition and Ageing, and to have the opportunity of sharing our work, and that of other researchers in this area, has been beneficial. 

“Healthy Ageing” is an important issue for society, and within Ulster University we have recognised this and are devoting much research resource and effort to help provide insight that will help society deal with the many issues associated with an ageing population.” 

Pictured L to R: Victoria Morrow, Dairy Council; Prof Josh Miller; Prof Kevin Cashman; Dr Carole Lowis, Dairy Council; Harry O’Neil, Dairy Council; Prof Helene McNulty; Prof Sean Strain

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