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Milk, A Force of Nature


Milk, A Force of Nature

The Dairy Council for Northern Ireland has launched an exciting new television advertisement as part its ‘Milk, A Force of Nature’ campaign.

The TV ad, which is on air from Monday 20th May, dramatises the natural power of the nutrients in milk. Heroic white knights are used to embody milk’s calcium, vitamin B12 and protein, and consumers, particularly mums, are encouraged to “get the power of milk on your side” for themselves and their families.

The advert is part of a major promotional initiative from the European Milk Forum, which comprises dairy organizations in seven European countries and includes the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland. The ‘Milk, A Force of Nature’ campaign is co–funded by the European Union and aims to increase awareness of the wide range of nutrients in milk.

 Dr Mike Johnston, Chief Executive of the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland, said:

“The Dairy Council for Northern Ireland is delighted to launch this television advertisement and to be part of the ‘Milk, A Force of Nature’ campaign, which will run until December 2015.

“The ad shows that milk is a rich source of calcium, vitamin B12 and protein, but milk also contains a wide range of other essential nutrients with important functions in the body such as potassium, iodine, phosphorus and vitamins B2 and B5, which can contribute to a healthy, balanced diet for all consumers.”

 Watch the TV ad here

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From the farm to the fridge, the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland acts on behalf of the dairy industry, promoting the natural goodness and quality of Northern Ireland milk and dairy products.

Our primary function is to communicate factual information to allow individuals to make well informed choices about dairy products that they consume and to inform them of the benefits of including dairy products in a balanced diet. We use a wide range of media, which includes television, radio, press, and social media. Our Advertising is complemented by public relations and promotional activities designed to communicate with specific groups.

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